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The gluonpilot module tries to make your life as easy as possible. Still, configuring an autopilot and flying should be done very carefully! That's why it should be set up step by step:


Bench testing

Testing and installing the hardware on the bench. Detailed steps...

  • Opening the configuration tool
  • Booting the module
  • Upgrading the firmware
  • Connecting to your RC-receiver
  • Connecting the GPS
  • Connecting the servos

Manual flight

Installing the module in your plane and preparing the configuration for the first manual flight. Detailed steps...

  • Installation in the UAV
  • Powering the module
  • Servo output configuration
  • Download datalogging

Stabilizing mode

When the manual flight went well, the stabilizing mode can be configured. Detailed steps...

Autonomous flights

When stabilization works satisfactory, the first attempts at autonomous flights can be attempted. Detailed steps...

Automating your flight!

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