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  • Dimensions: 59mm x 46mm
  • Weight: 8gr without connectors
  • Power supply: 5V +- 5%
  • All signals: 3V3, 5V tolerant. PWM signals towards the servo's are 5V.
  • Serial uart connection: 57600 baud (FTDI 5V cable or XBee wireless link)
  • Download google sketchup model


With the extension board

When using the extension board with it's switched power supply, you only have to connect a battery to the power connector. Your ESC or another power source should supply power to your servo's.

Without the extension board

We suggest to power the gluonpilot module using a 5V switched power supply from your main battery or a separate one. The power should be 5V +- 5%. The 5V can be supplied to the gluonpilot module through the FTDI connector or the 3-pin connector positioned above the servo's. In this situation, the servo's should be powered by the ESC or another 5V power source.

As an alternative, you can close SJ.5V. This will allow you to:

  • Power the gluonpilot module using the ESC (not recommended)
  • Power the servo's using the FTDI connector during bench testing (can have stange effects if your servo's use too much current, especially when using laptops)


Using a RTF-kit

If you bought a RTF kit, you don't have to configure anything at all!

Using another GPS unit

The gluonpilot needs 5Hz NMEA input (sentences RMC & GGA) at 115200 baud.

When using a GPS with the MTK chipset, you only need to configure the startup baudrate in gluonconfig, gluonpilot will do the configuration at startup.

Connection with RC-receiver

Using PPM connector

If you use a PPM connector, I'm sure you know how to connect it! Look on the mikrokopter wiki or skymixer wiki or paparazzi wiki for an overview of receivers supporting this.

Using PWM signals

PWM cable

Directly connect your RC-receivers output to the gluonpilot. You will need at least 4 signals to fly the gluonpilot: roll, pitch, motor and autopilot mode selector. If you ordered a RTF kit, it will come with a handy 4-signal PWM connector that saves you time.

Operating the module

Automating your flight!

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