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Version 0.8!

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After long testing, we finally released version 0.8 of the firmware and Ground Control Station.

Most of the people have been using the Beta versions (also quite stable), so nobody will be surprised about the new features. Nevertheless, here's a wrap-up of new features:

What's new in version 0.8?


Simulation mode

Simulate your flightplan before taking it to the field! More information on the simulation page.

Navigation commands become Gluonscript

From now on we'll no longer talk about waypoints and navigation commands, but use Gluonscript instead (or simply call it a flightplan)!

Servo/Camera triggering

No matter what camera trigger you use (PWM, CHDK, Servo), there is a gluon command to support your time-based triggers.

RC flightplan switch

Use a switch on your RC-remote to switch to another script block. Easy for FPV flyers who want to choose between RTH and a configured flight plan.

Function calls in your flightplan

Want to trigger your camera or switch from camera 1 to camera 2? Now you will be able to do this directly from the GCS using the "Return" command, which will return to the navigation line the function was called from:

  SERVO_SET(6, 2000)

Alarms in your flightplan

Battery alarm command

Thanks to some architectural changes, you will be able to add alarm settings to your flight plan. Automatically land when your voltage drops critically low? No problem!

CIRCLE_TO command

The circle_to command allows you to fly pretty circuit-shaped patterns.

Improved GPS handling

In the previous version, the flightplan was only executed if there was data coming from the GPS unit. From now on this will work independently.

Choose your altitude sensor

You can now select whether you want to use GPS altitude (absolute or relative) or barometric altitude. You may want to use GPS altitude for long duration flights during changing weather or cross country flights.

On-board datalogging

By default we use simple datalogging at 4Hz. This means you can store a lot more long flights in the on-board memory! For people wanting to use the old detailed logging at 50Hz, it can simply be enabled in the code.

More waypoints

The maximum number of waypoints has been extended to 72. It's easy to increase it even more but what on earth would you do with more waypoints?

Gluon control station Auf Deutch, Vietnamese & Dutch

I've put some effort in internationalisation of the application. Now you can easily translate it into your own language. Markus already did a great job in translating everything into German! Please select your language in the Settings dialog.

Go get it here

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