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Release 0.9

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GP2 with OSD & XBee pro

To celebrate the first day of really good weather here, we released stable version 0.9!

This is the first non-beta release for GP2, so all the owners of the new cutting-edge GP2 hardware are encouraged to upgrade. Owners of GP1 can also upgrade, but are encouraged to do rigorous ground testing because from this release on, the firmware won't be tested anymore on GP1 hardware. It should be compatible, it should work, but no guarantees!

Some changes compared to beta 2 you'll notice:

  • New and improved OSD (videos to come later!), see gluonconfig for the options
  • Smoother waypoint navigation
  • New boot messages, looking cleaner

Another big step has been taken since v0.8. This stable release allows us to start working on a lot of new features. Planned changes are:

  • Wind calculation on the module instead of on the GCS. This will allow us to do a lot of cool stuff:
    • Wind information on the OSD
    • Gain scheduling according to the airspeed: better navigation in winds
  • Improve auto-throttle: minimum speed, maximum speed
  • Disable OSD to save battery for those who don't use it

Have a neat idea? Let me know!

Happy flying!


  • Some people are having problems upgrading to the latest version with an older version of the GCS. If you are experiencing these issues (using a 0.9 beta x release), first upgrade to the latest GCS, and then upgrade the firmware.
  • The best way to upgrade:
    • Read configuration
    • Save configuration to file
    • Upgrade firmware
    • Reset to factory setting + calibrate
    • Load configuration from file
    • Optionally re-calibrate

Tom (talk) • 20:47, 14 April 2013 • 3 comments

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