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New Beta version: 0.10

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Dear fellow enthousiasts,

Version 0.10 Beta has just been released! You can download it from:

Please stick to the standard upgrade routine:

  • Using the old version: Gluonconfig -> Advanced config -> Read and safe to file
  • Upgrade the Gluon Control Station
  • Upgrade the firmware
  • Relead factory settings on the module and load your previously saved configuration

New features include:

  • New navigation command "Arm trigger": "shake" your plane in autopilot mode in order to start the engine! Easy takeoff without remote control!
  • Camera tool for easier tuning survey parameters. See Helpers -> Survey -> Camera
  • Removed roll & pitch output on servo channel 5 & 6 so they become available from camera triggering
  • Flight statistics screen on OSD (visible on landing - speed = 0)
  • Detect invalid configuration on startup. Load default configuration in this case.
  • Several fixes (PWM camera distance trigger)
  • Aileron differential has been replaced with Pitch From Roll. The plane should pitch up to compensate the loss of lift when flying at a certain roll angle. Please check your configuration if you were using aileron differential. A value of 10% should be plenty.
  • Minimum speed: We need more engine power when flying upwind to make sure we still keep some speed. In auto-throttle mode, the throttle will increase when ground speed drops below the cruise speed. On minimum, speed, the throttle will have reached its maximum. Make sure you properly configure "cruise speed" and "maximum speed" when using auto-throttle!!!
New camera parameters screen

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