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Release 0.7.2

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A new release for gluonpilot!

Short overview:

1. New and prettier waypoint icons!

2. Minimum and maximum pitch angle can now be defined separately:

This has several advantages:

  • We can climb faster (especially important during takeoff)
  • We can descent more gentle

The recommanded settings are the one from the screenshot. This mean the new firmware has additional configuration settings. Please save your current configuration to file before upgrading to the latest firmware.

3. Improved auto landing! The auto-landing is now completely automated!

Right now you have 2 options for autolanding (see Helpers -> Add block)

  • manual-land: This will give you a "Descent" and a "Flare" button. Descent will fly along the defined circle to loose altitude. When the plane is heading in the right direction, and the altitude is fine too, you can press "Flare" and the plane will fly in the direction of the Flare waypoint. Motor will be turned off
  • auto-land: The autopilot will automatically glide towards the Flare waypoint when the altitude and heading is correct!

These 2 options are not recommended when you have a plane with a really good glide angle. In this case it will need a long distance to reach to ground. Experimentation is key here! There are 2 options:

  • FLARE_TO: perfect for deltas and flying wings. The target altitude (e.g. 15 meter) will try to be reached without any motor running! This will result in a pancake-like landing.
  • GLIDE_TO: The autopilot will try to follow the altitude line between the Descent-circle and the Flare-waypoint. Be carefull of steep descents & hard landings!

It should be noted that before or after take-off, you will need to move the Descent-circle and Flare-waypoint to make sure you will flare with head wind.

4. Wind vane

Thanks to the work of the folks at gentlenav/matrixpilot it has become possible to calculate wind without hard calculations! Now included in Gluon Control Station!

5. New settings:

  • Default altitude for new waypoint
  • Default circle radius for new circles
  • Custom UAV name

New firmware and install file can be downloaded in the download section!

Tom (talk) • 13:12, 23 October 2011 • 2 comments

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