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Little UAV's grow up: Gluon Control Station!

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Wanted for years, anticipated for months, under development and rigorous testing since May. Here it finally is: the first public release of the Gluon Control Station :-)

Despite it young age, it is already quite advanced. I tried to steal functionality from all systems I liked:

  • Automatic navigation blocks + goto buttons (as in paparazzi)
  • On the fly (airborne) change of waypoints/navigation commands (as in micropilot)
  • Simple scripting
  • On-screen documentation
  • Live and in-flight configuration

Next to more common functionality

  • Drag and drop of waypoints
  • Status of all subsystems
  • Navigation information
  • Graphs
  • ...

Thanks to a commercial partner (who already spent a lot of time on it), it has been tested in numerous flights and is thus safe to use.

This is released together with v0.7 of the firmware. The main new functionality is the addition of checksums during communication (to make sure we can drag and rop our waypoints safely during flight :-) ).

Stay tuned for video tutorials, log files for replay (yeay!) and many new features.

Download and play: firmware | Gluon Control Station installer

If you are interested in gluonpilot, please check out our ready to fly modules: they are the perfect and quick match for Gluon CS!

Tom (talk) • 19:58, 13 September 2011 • one comment

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