GPS & gyro-accelerometer yaw, groun speed & air speed sensor

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GPS & gyro-accelerometer yaw, groun speed & air speed sensor

Postby fba » Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:55 pm

hello,a doubt to do a three axis gimbal. I have seen on telemetry data that when gps speed is above 3 m/s,the sensors yaw takes the value from gps at this moment. so is the yaw from acc & gyro better to use? For example at high cross winds, because to track a fixed flight line between two gps points the nose plane has to keep a crab angle (crab ♒ gps yaw - accgyro yaw) to avoid the cross high wind effects and fly on the straight line between the two waypoints. Doesn't it?
I suppose the gyro bias is fixed using the accelerometer or gps data,doesn' t it?

No such important but, can i plug an external airspeed sensor via i2c, etc to manage the ground speed on high winds? the goal is to flight at the lowest ground speed possible but always above the stall air speed, and in high winds is difficult.
Now i managed the throttle and ground speed parameters; minimum speed is the stall air speed and cruise speed is the max ground speed (back wind speed ➕ stall air speed), min throttle is 0% to work well on back winds, cruise throttle is the value to get the stall air speed at a day without wind, for my mentor setup 25%
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Re: GPS & gyro-accelerometer yaw, groun speed & air speed se

Postby Tom » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:48 pm

Hi Francisco,

No currently there is no airspeed sensor.

But your observation is currect. I think a gimbal using yaw instead of heading would work better! Especially in turns & winds.

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